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The new fiber will speed up the Internet a hundred times

Новое оптоволокно ускорит Интернет в сотню разThe spiral will help to create the third dimension for momentum.

A study of Australian scientists proposes an amazing possibility: the optical fiber that can increase Internet speed a hundred times.

The fiber is long, thin and made of clear glass. They are collected into bundles known as optical cables and light pulses pass.

A new study from the Australian RMIT University suggests that turning the light into a spiral, the transmission speed can be increased by several orders of magnitude. Now the light pulses reflected from the glass as they would be reflected from the mirror. The spiral will help to create a third dimension to these pulses, or “the level of the orbital angular momentum”. In physics this is called spin.

“It’s like DNA, if you look at the double helix,” says Min GU, a University Professor and the head of the research team who created this concept. “The more angular momentum you use, the more information will be able to transfer”.

Other fibers have been able to turn out the light, but they were too complicated to operate, the size of a dining table, while the new fiber is more like a traditional width of a human hair.

GU said that the technology is available to improve Australian network, although the government still is in internal talks on the issue. The introduction of the new fiberglass will require the adoption of the new standard on the part of equipment manufacturers and network operators.

There is also the question of what the device on the part of the sender, and the recipient will be able to cope with such a high speed that can seriously limit the benefits of new cable, while the hardware will not catch up with its capabilities. But scientists assure that the cables are ready and may be placed on the market.

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