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The new BMW 5 Series test in Portugal

Новый BMW 5 Series тестируют в ПортугалииBavarian automakers have made the updated model is lighter by 100 kilograms.

The car of the new generation of the Bavarian “five” BMW 5 Series sent you for a test drive on the roads of Portugal.

The German company introduced the vehicle to the public in October of this year, and now it’s moved to the testing phase.

Specialists Western automotive publications noted that the foreign component of the new BMW 5 Series has not changed much compared to its last generation. The manufacturer has decided to focus their efforts in improving the technical equipment of the machine. Some experts have compared the BMW 5 Series with BMW 7 Series. “Five” lost 100 pounds, but it lengthened as much as possible, taking into account the peculiarities of its body, which the German engineers made more rigid and durable.

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The new BMW 5 Series architecture CLAR, which has not previously been used by the group. This chassis allowed to make the vehicle more spacious compared to the previous “five”, and most of all it concerned the Luggage compartment of the vehicle, the amount of which in new generation machine reaches 530 liters.

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On the market the new BMW 5 Series will come with four engines, two petrol, and as much again working on diesel fuel. The performance of these units depending on their size, ranges from 190 to 340 horsepower. When the novelty will appear on the market, and what price tag will be sold, the manufacturer has not yet reported.

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