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The network Vkontakte appears completely private profiles

Social network Vkontakte has responded to the government’s commitment to put people for reposts (the country already has the relevant precedents) and decided to give its users the option to hide your page from everyone, even from his uncle in uniform.

Very soon the network will change the rules of posting reposts, and create profiles of themselves, and this will help end users. VKontakte openly opposed the unjustified persecution of Russians for reposts of memes that many people in power are simply not able to understand correctly. For this reason, the network introduces a new additional measure of privacy: in particular, from now on, all albums user photos transferred to private mode by default – this can be changed in their respective settings.

Then, a bit later, under the repost will not be displayed a list of people who shared the entry to Big Brother couldn’t track them and to open criminal cases against them. To see a list of repetowski those records can only their authors. And finally, very soon, Incontact will implement a fully private profiles that are open only for friends. As promised by the developers, this is just the beginning, and changes to privacy social network will be much greater. But still, I advise you to move all your saved photos on your personal PC and delete them from your profile, because breaking the page has not been canceled.

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