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The Network suggested how to reduce the “voracity” of the car

В Сети подсказали, как снизить "прожорливость" автомобиляWhat is the reason for the increased consumption of gasoline.

Experienced motorists can confidently say that in winter the fuel consumption of the car can grow up to 20%. The reason for such extravagance, and is it possible to somehow reduce consumption, versed experts.

If the car is stored in unheated garage or even on the street, before driving it will have to warm up for 10-15 minutes. This certainly will affect average fuel consumption.

Also increases consumption of fuel and winter tires. The wheels become more difficult.

Among other things, increase the resistance to snow-covered roads. The experts considered that winter tires can increase the consumption to 3%.

Too thick engine oil also works on excessive fuel consumption. After all, when the air temperature is -25 degrees, summer oil becomes very thick.

But if in advance to change the engine oil in the winter, working status which is maintained at -35 degrees, the described problems can be avoided.

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