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The Network showed the largest dump new Volkswagen

This is just one of dozens of such sites.

Remember the so-called Deselect that erupted in 2015? Today everything seems to be subsided, but some brands are still pulled over for suspicious activity, which often open trials. But it all started with VW in the US.

Here you can see a photo of one of 36 immense platforms on which the Volkswagen Group holds Treasury owners of diesel cars which have got under sanctions after investigations.

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For nekotorym data, a total for all sites is about 400 thousand “defective” auto, specifically on this – about 14 thousand cars. Many of them undergo modifications like software updates and installation of new particulate filters. Ready to go VW for sale. Of course, as a used car.

According to the report, about 150 thousand cars written off in utilization due to a technical condition, which makes the upgrade ineffective. Every month to sell 10 thousand cars leaving these places.

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