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The Network showed rare sports car ZAZ

В Сети показали раритетный спорткар ЗАЗIt’s hard to believe, but in the 60’s tried to start production of sports car Zaporozhets.

Zadnemotornyh layout, after all. Than not, budget Porsche 911? One of the coupe was recently discovered near Moscow and is now waiting for restoration.

Elegant sports car MKZ-US “Sport-900” helped to create the specialists of the US Institute and the Moscow Institute of auto bodies under the direction of designer Eduard Molchanov. The basis was taken “humpback” ZAZ-965A.

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The first specimen collected in 1963. For the Cossacks created a subtle fiberglass body with a height of 1.2 m and a weight of just 100 kg. In the design of the “Sports-900” discern the features of the famous coupe the Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia (also, incidentally, is rear-engined).

Surprisingly, the developers managed to save four salon. The driver and front passenger shares a high center console like a real sports car.

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Engine ZAZ remained unchanged and developed the same 27 HP, hogback. But the dynamics of a coupe ZAZ was better because it weighed only 500 kg.

Serial production did not work and only until 1969 released 5 or 6 compartments Zaporozhets. Some of them have reached our days, but all of them are now in poor condition.

В Сети показали раритетный спорткар ЗАЗ
В Сети показали раритетный спорткар ЗАЗ
В Сети показали раритетный спорткар ЗАЗ

В Сети показали раритетный спорткар ЗАЗ

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