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The Network showed might look like the Tesla pickup truck

В Сети показали, как может выглядеть пикап Tesla Official images of Tesla’s truck is still there, but this does not prevent us to imagine how it might look.

Renderings of a pickup truck Tesla – always a hot and controversial topic. And this, with some extreme elements of the exterior design, of course, will also be controversial.

The car, of course, unique. It is difficult to find another such car, which he would have been like. It seems that it will not borrow forms and design elements no other pickups – unlike render semi-Tesla – floor – Ram that was previously submitted.

Author Emre Husmen animates this pickup in vivid form. The car is angular, with a few sharp elements, but this is still a Tesla . For its aerodynamic properties it is impossible to say that it’s electric. However, that may be good enough – considering that this is still a big truck, not a car for long journeys that require long-term charging.

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