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The Network showed how destroyed the oldest bridge in Kiev. Video

В Сети показали, как разрушается старейший мост Киева. ВидеоThe bridge has the status of an emergency since 2001.

The oldest bridge in Kiev this year celebrates its 120th anniversary. However, the structures are already visible signs of destruction.

Bridge-viaduct was built in 1897 by the Kiev engineer Vladimir Immortal (1862-1940). It was built to access the “state wine warehouse” opened a year earlier at Kudryavskaya street.

Bridge length – 10 m, height – 4 m. a Feature of the viaduct is that it spans made of brick. Stay on the metal beams with rivets.

As soon as the plant works was a question of unloading of the streets. The carts that came to the storeroom for alcohol, had blocked all traffic on Kudryavskiy and ascension descents.

Vladimir the Immortal offered to build through the Voznesenskiy Yar cities. He had to connect the plant with ascension descent. Due to this, the carts could come in part from the Kudryavskaya street. And then we went on Voznesensky descent.

At the moment part of the brick of the bridge flew and cracked. Metal supports are rusted. The wall underneath was painted with graffiti. Traffic blocked the gate with tires.

The pedestrian bridge. Has the status of emergency since 2001. This is informed by a sign posted next to a column.

Near the bridge is the Greek Catholic Church of St. Basil the Great.

The Ministers of the Church wrote a petition to the mayor of Kiev with the request to provide the status of the Park area Voznesensky Yar and the bridge. Want to build a place for public recreation.

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