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The network showed a trailer of the popular series. Video

В сети показали трейлер популярного сериала. ВидеоViewers still watching their favorite characters.

No sooner had the audience time to recover from what the cult TV series “the Walking dead” will be renewed for a 9th season, as the creators already flooded with new trailers.

In the network appeared the new, long trailer for the upcoming new season of the zombie series, which is rumored to die the main character is Rick played by Andrew Lincoln.

Note that the 9 events of the season will unfold after eighteen months after the war with the Saviors and their cruel leader Meganom (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Defeating an enemy community, Rick and the others are busy with the creation of Alexandria, Hilltop and other outposts, trying to establish the infrastructure, agriculture, transport, communication.

But, as argued Hegang, Rick’s desire for peace is not as tight as the last wish, and in spite of the community, people are still prone to conflict.

People become each other’s main enemy, not the zombies. Although the undead still pose a mortal danger. The ninth season starts on American channel AMC on 7 October.

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