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The Network severely ridiculed the Russian writer, fighting for the militants “DNR”

В Сети жестко высмеяли российского писателя, воюющего за боевиков "ДНР"Netizens made fun of the male by Prilepine.

The best minds in Moscow and St. Petersburg tried in vain to understand why “engineer of human souls” of the country’s ever-blooming hawthorn Zakhar Prilepin went to fight in “DNR”.

They say that the miners abandoned mines “Ordzhonikidzeugol” and employees looted Donetsk “Tochmash” worried — really, Zahoroshko your animal instincts sensed that in abandoned love and the shops still have tons of bad scrap.

However, in vain for Mr Prilepin envious accused of greed, vanity and banal attempt to PR his new two-volume “War and peace of the Republic”, consisting of two big novels – “In the Elevator with Motorola” and “Flight of the bumblebee Givi”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

All points over “i” in an attempt to understand and forgive the writer was set by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Kirill Lavrov. It turns out that he went to the Donbass with a noble goal: “to help the Ukrainian state to establish a normal life.”

There is only one moment, but I think that he is Mr Prilepin, as the true heir to the tradition of Lermontov, Byron, and Tolstoy, not need to worry. While “namazyvaniem normal life” the Russian legionaries in the Donbas was not. But luxury funeral “grateful” inhabitants of “republics” they provided, that is, on the level of world celebrities. I hope that the major “DNR” Zakhar Prilepin after “will establish a normal life”, and maybe a little early, and also get a feel for yourself stainless “Republican gratitude.”

Where did Prilepin Donetsk sadness? Zach said – “DNR” I’m going!

Moscow, he left, Went to war, He thought, in the Donbass, All can be overcome.

He’s mine to cut Dreamed scrap, pressed the “Metro” to Fight against evil.

When the Prilepin For Givi leaving the group won’t notice And won’t wait.

And the dead lips Whisper: “Oh, how vain! You have a hole, you have a hole, Hole, you, mine!”

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