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The network is not a little frightened worm Ghost

Сеть не на шутку напугал червь-призракThe cyclist made a strange picture.

Mexican cyclist caught crossing the road a huge worm . A few days ago cyclist Eric Ivan is living in the Mexican city of La Paz, went as usual late in the evening on his Bicycle on the road beside the hill of Cerro de La Calavera (also called “Hill of the Skull”).

And suddenly he saw ahead on the road a strange creature that was like a worm in human growth, standing vertically and with many small legs on the body. Eric managed to take a picture of this creature, and then posted it on his Facebook page with a comment about that when he drives at night, often sees very strange things.

In the comments to the picture, people began to write about the fact that days earlier there were heavy rains and maybe that is what prompted the strange creature to leave the sea, as the road runs near the waterfront.

The quickly noticed the Spanish-speaking UFO blog Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology and a couple local sites and they have posted about it notes. However now on the page of the Iwan of the picture can not be found, or the man deleted it, or put privacy settings for only friends.

Anyway the question remains, what exactly he filmed if this is not a joke.

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