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The Network is gaining popularity of “anti-Russian” flashmob

В Сети набирает популярность «антироссийский» флешмобThe flash mob started by the journalist Sergei Ivanov.

The journalist Sergei Ivanov has launched a new flash mob in the network, which offers Ukrainians to take pictures of the middle finger in the background of any Russian companies.

This is referred to in the entry on his page in social network Facebook.

It all started with the fact that Ivanov made a similar photo under the Consulate of Russia in Odessa.

According to him, the picture caused a stir in the network, so he decided to turn it into a flash mob.

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В Сети набирает популярность «антироссийский» флешмоб
В Сети набирает популярность «антироссийский» флешмоб

“I don’t think your finger against a double-headed cock a very ingenious trick. It’s not even a joke, and a healthy, natural response to something disgusting and hateful. And education, education, manners don’t matter.

So, if the finger provoked such a powerful fecal cannonade from both unwashed and their local cheerleading, offers little to saporiti theme and join this charity case”, – Ivanov writes.

He offers Ukrainians to photograph your finger on the background “of any institution is the enemy of ownership regardless of what function it performs, Bank, restaurant, cafe, Embassy, Consulate, gas station”. Next, you need to post a picture on his page on the social network.

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“The comments offered a different hashtags, but why these ambiguous euphemisms. I think #from_ukraine_with_hate sufficiently precise and clear”, – the journalist added.

The mob has already started to connect the users of the network.

В Сети набирает популярность «антироссийский» флешмоб
В Сети набирает популярность «антироссийский» флешмоб

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