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The Network is gaining popularity a new kind of fraud

В Сети набирает популярность новый вид мошенничестваOLX users asking to be extremely careful.

One of the largest in Ukraine online ads OLX scammers use the new scheme of cheating people.

About this Facebook said Sasha Eclair.

“Gather up the equipment, which lies idle. Sent them all to passes 30 minutes of the call. The firm just need a camera, take today with the pickup. They say that on the card to throw it, as soon as people come out for happiness”, – the blogger writes.

After that, she says, and starts “pattern”.

“Taxi driver, I get a call that the car arrived and now the money is sent. Comes SMS that the money was transferred, again call, they say, all sent SMS have. We approach the taxi driver, asked to wait, check the app first – it is empty. I think that “Private” can it check safari – empty”, – says Sasha Eclair.

“Call in “Private”, they say that no amount is credited in my account. The taxi driver listens to the whole conversation, I realized that I have bred, gave the number from which you ordered the taxi, there is also already released. The number of “buyer” is also, of course, is off… then checked the number from which the message on transfer of money, was that not the first case. Be careful” she concluded.

В Сети набирает популярность новый вид мошенничества

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