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The Network has shown what life is like for patriots in the annexed Crimea

В Сети показали, как живется патриотам в аннексированном КрымуThe Crimean journalist told about the everyday life of Ukrainian patriots.

First Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine, the Crimean journalist Emine Dzhaparov told about the everyday life of Ukrainian patriots in the Russian-occupied Crimea.

How on the Peninsula oppress the Pro-Ukrainian Crimean Tatars, dzhaparova said in an interview ONLINE.UA. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Of the Crimean Tatars again do a second-rate nation — alien people, traitors. I remember a time, when our return home is the level of chauvinism were very high. And now I have a feeling: the mud during the years of independent Ukraine has settled on the bottom of the jar, then the jar shook and Il again rose to the surface,” she said.

Dzhaparova shared facts “Ukrainian presence” in the occupied Peninsula.

“We gather the facts of non-violent resistance to the occupation. I know people who do not have a Russian passport, issue a residence permit, and is associated with great difficulties. Russia created conditions, when you without a passport in the Crimea — no, I can’t really to receive medical services, education,” she said.

“Part of the Crimean people celebrating the New year not Moscow time, and at our fireworks, when in Kiev for twelve hours. More: girls paint their nails in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, or wear a blue skirt, yellow blouse — this allegorical form underlines a political position,” added dzhaparova.

According to the Deputy Minister in order to Express the Ukrainian position in the Crimea, you need courage.

“I repeat, for this we need courage. I recently was told about a distant cousin, a student of the third grade. She is a cram school called my mom and talked to her in the Crimean Tatar language, was asked to take her a little early. The teacher, she began to pronounce, they say, you cannot speak in a language that nobody understands “I don’t know what you’re saying could be about me!”, — said the former inhabitant of the Crimea.

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