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The Network has shown the most extraordinary collection of Porsche

В Сети показали самую необычную коллекцию Porshe Almost all cars here are white.

In the U.S. collected probably one of the most unusual collections of Porsche sports cars 65, almost all, with rare exceptions, this collection is white.

The first thing to say is the location of this incredible collection of Porsche unknown. In the Porsche Club of America spoke about the collection of sports cars, but did not disclose who owns them and where.

Same as the furniture and the interior of the garage. From the video it becomes clear that the collection of white Porsche is somewhere in the United States. Any visitor must take off their shoes and walk in socks or to wear white overshoes. In addition, under the complete ban on the use of mobile gadgets.

The exposition includes all generation RS versions of the Porsche 911, starting with 1970 and ending with the latest 911 GT3 RS and the special version of the iconic sports car. In the collection you can find the legendary Porsche 959, the famous Porsche 918 Spyder, front-engined Porsche models 944 and 968 Porsche, and the 356 Carrera and even a Porsche tractor.

In addition to the car collection includes unique books about Porsche, posters, instructions, and documents, and even bicycles, wine and specialty Luggage things. The curator of the exhibition Carl Bauer lives there, where are the sports cars and other things.

Interestingly, this is not the first collection of its kind – earlier it was reported about the meeting of sports cars Lisa Taylor, who collects the various Porsche models in exclusive color.

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