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The Network has shown the impact of the floods in Italy. Video

В Сети показали последствия наводнения в Италии. Видео Because of rains the water level continues to rise.

Due to the strong rains in Italy have closed hundreds of schools, and in Venice precipitation is flooded 70% of the city. The result of bad weather killed at least five people in different regions.

29 Oct Venetian authorities stated that the water was 70% of the city. The height of the water reached 149 centimetres above sea level.

Forecasters predict that in the near future, the water can rise even up to 160 centimeters.

Four people died in the region of Calabria landslide that was caused by the rains. One person was killed in the port of Catanzaro after a sailing yacht blew strong current.

The authorities have declared a storm warning and shut down hundreds of schools.

The last time such a high water level in Venice was recorded in November 2012. Up to 160 centimeters water in Venice again raised in December 1979.

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