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The Network has shown how the now living residents of Blakley. Photo

В Сети показали, как сейчас живется жителям Балаклеи. ФотоThe incident was repeated again.

On the night of October 9 residents of Ichnya of Chernihiv region woke up to powerful explosions on the territory of military warehouses.

This case is unfortunately not unique to Ukraine. From the latter we can recall how a similar incident happened on March 23, 2017 in balakliia.

The cause of PE is almost immediately called a diversion, more than 20,000 people were evacuated from the city and nearby towns. Then scattered the shells damaged the 396 buildings were kindergartens and other social facilities. Some people remained without a roof over your head.

In the result of incident killed two women, one of them pinned under the rubble of the building, the second died a month later at a local hospital.

В Сети показали, как сейчас живется жителям Балаклеи. Фото

After a year and a half of explosions there now resemble a farm building collapsed in the yards of local residents, isolated holes in the walls and rare balconies of apartment buildings. Were rebuilt kindergarten.

In the private sector are still ongoing interior renovation work, but there’s houses with unfinished roofs. Few people come from there and for the restoration of the outbuildings.

“Farm building we need to repair it yourself. I have damaged a garage and destroyed a summer kitchen, which served as a cellar. I was told that it can not be restored,” – says a local resident.

В Сети показали, как сейчас живется жителям Балаклеи. Фото

In addition to the broken buildings with a lot of work, and in the house: there is a broken pediment, one room and a corridor.

One of the most damaged neighborhoods in the city was the village of Oil that greeted us the next yellow houses on a street in Kharkiv. Each of them lives a few families.

“When we saw your house on my return, was shocked: fell through the roof, povyletali Windows, no ceilings, cracks in the walls, broken lamps, torn curtains” – remember the tenants of houses.

About two months later they were rescued and brought slate oilcloth, due to the lack of heating first time, had to sleep in warm clothes. Then it’s time reconstruction according to the people, giving local authorities the builders of the restored exterior walls of buildings and for domestic work who has allocated 40 000, of whom 16 000.

В Сети показали, как сейчас живется жителям Балаклеи. Фото

“The builders removed the foam for insulation to the ground and surrounded the house of the foam block. Then the foam block was plastered painted walls, replaced Windows, front door and made the roof out of metal. It turned out as the house in the house, and between them a space – airbag” – say the locals.

People claim that the first winter has passed not absolutely smoothly: some roofs are not installed snegozaderzhateli and low tides, because the snow went uncontrolled, and the walls of flowing water on the facades of houses, cracked plaster, broken slopes, and the front door stood out.

In Balakliia district administration say about the problems of the residents know, there is a list of problem objects.

Just the result of emergency on an Arsenal suffered 228 private and 117 multi-family buildings, 14 objects of social sphere, eight educational institutions, four cultural institutions and one hospital. As reported in Balakleya RGA, the recovery of housing and the purchase of new “squares” from the state budget has allocated 145 million UAH from the regional budget 10 million UAH.

В Сети показали, как сейчас живется жителям Балаклеи. Фото

Officials found 26 apartments and one private house for families whose homes were beyond repair. All already moved into a new apartment. Only one resident has not yet filed an application to the city Council that agreed to resettlement from dilapidated housing. While the explosion was completely destroyed by a boiler house which heated the house on Arsenalnaya street. 500 flats were transferred to individual heating.

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