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The Network has shown how a Japanese technique removes snow. Video

В Сети показали, как японская техника убирает снег. Видео Typical for this country, snowy winters.

Winter Japan traditionally covers heavy snowfalls. But in the land of the rising sun snow is not a natural disaster. On it earn. Winter tourism generates income due to clean roads that are regularly and thoroughly clears the army of snowplows.

Usually covered with snow from the West. In winter, strong winds blow from Siberia. Picking up the moist air of the sea of Japan, wind meet strong resistance on the first mountain ranges of the Japanese Islands, giving arrays of snow.

Thousands of tourists flock to Japan to marvel at the snow statues and natural landscapes, enjoy winter sports, warm up in the thermal springs, around which is built a picturesque location. To travel around the country tourists and locals can thanks to the ingenious work of road vehicles, which deals with snow removal.

Along some roads increase snow walls, the height of which can reach several meters. In winter, the highway enters a snow cover such that when it is excavated out of the deep “gorges”. That site was accurate, on the edges of the roadway establish a special multimeter tower with built-in them with radio transmitters.

Shovels and snow blowers, and utility vehicle clean off the snow until, until you reach the road. Snowblowers can throw the snow up to a height of 20 m.

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