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The Network has shown a unique solar Eclipse. Video

В Сети показали уникальное солнечное затмение. ВидеоThere was a video of the annular solar Eclipse.

Today, February 26, residents of Chile, Argentina and other countries of the southern hemisphere can observe a rare solar Eclipse. It started at 16:53 Moscow time, but on the territory of South America.

It is reported by Slooh on YouTube.

It is reported that the peak of the Eclipse will be in the coordinates 34,7 31,2 out.d., the Eclipse duration is 44 seconds, the width of the shadow of the moon on the Earth’s surface to 31 km.

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When the annular Eclipse can be seen as the Moon passes over the solar disk.

Since the satellite of the Earth less than the sun in diameter, he can’t hide it completely. In the maximum phase of the Eclipse the Sun closed the Moon, but the moon can be seen bright ring uncovered part of the solar disk.

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