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The Network has ridiculed the Russian equivalent of Skype

В Сети высмеяли российский аналог SkypeIn Russia develop an analogue of Skype.

On social networks ridiculed the news that the Russian company “Bulat” is developing a prototype analog Skype for government agencies and industry.

The developers call the main difference between a program that does not have access to the Internet and cannot be decrypted by hackers or foreign intelligence services. Data will be transmitted over the local network.

“The technology of the future: to make a call on Skype, you will need to go to the post office and request a call”, — commented the news in a Twitter Stalingrad.

“But in the queue for a ticket on the Internet standing is not necessary! Handy!”, “You can not walk. There is an option “paresthetica battery”, “Another cut of the money for the Megillah, And to coordinate it at the local”, “next to you in the booth to sit comrade major,what would you excess not stirred!”, “But if the money in the account not, you need a cable to the chime throw”, “no they did not say that Alexander Graham bell had invented a Skype?”, “Home phone invented again?”, “With such a name it is waiting for the fate of Cheburashka, satellites, Orthodox browsers and other pseudohalogen pseudo-Patriotic”, “It’s called “mobile communication” and it is already invented. Tell me there” — comment on other Twitter users.

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