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The Network has ridiculed the new Russian “super weapons”

В Сети подняли на смех новое российское «сверхоружие»In social networks a weapon called “laser pointers”.

Network users pretty fun propaganda TV channel “Russia 24” on creation in Russia of the “new generation of lasers”.

The corresponding video is published on YouTube.

So, the story says that “the new design is not only a breakthrough for the military-industrial complex, but also for other areas of medicine or metallurgy.”

“I’m still this autumn mushrooms in the forest laser cut. And never cut myself. Although he’s sharp as much PPC”, “0:45 what’s that thing on the top? it looks like a piece of plastic sewer pipe,” “And we have a paper for sartire produce? What laser pukalki – are You talking about? The laser pointer ?”, “It appears we have a breakthrough in the laser system but the laser surgery our patients carry abroad. Yes, you yourself are not funny?”, “I think Putin has a fever from a cocaine overdose!!! Sailed!!!”, – write in the comments under the video.

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