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The Network has ridiculed the new buses “DNR”

В Сети подняли на смех новые автобусы «ДНР»People leave funny comments.

In the occupied Donetsk on the route left of the “new” buses the GROOVE-3205.

Ukrainian journalist and the blogger Denis Kazansky said that these buses are the militants are trying to pass off collected in the so-called “DNR”. Also, the blogger added a photo which shows that the machine is attached to a plastic bottle.

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In the comments to the photo, Kazan writes: “And they plastic bottles that are inserted under the hood! Ahahaha, really have new buses of the bottle. They have a Keyway in the bundle, from the factory”.

Social network users under this post wrote: “the Russian Tradition “, insert” of the bottle, will not go away, And rooms painted marker”, “Ordinary skodowska cattle erefii normal”.

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В Сети подняли на смех новые автобусы «ДНР»

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