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The Network has revealed the extent of deforestation in Kiev

В Сети показали масштабы вырубки леса в Киеве Users are outraged by the situation.

The network showed pictures and video of large-scale deforestation in the Darnytsia forest sector and forest-Vodicka forest. The relevant footage was published on his page in Facebook one of the users Igor Kirkevich.

“I know the name of the beetle: it’s Greed and Lies. Clear felling and extraction of timber in the forest parks of Kiev last. Commercial forestry KP “svyatoshinsko LPH” works like this: the more you cut, the more put it in his pocket. Here is the former decoration and pride of the people of Kiev – Pushcha-wodzicki-is going the woods like a moth-eaten old green shawl. The paradox is that nothing illegal is happening: all three forestry Kiev, Svyatoshinsky, Darnytskyi and Koncha-Zaspa, acting within their powers, of their Statutes. And their Statutes allow them to carry out any commercial forestry activities, including foreign trade. That is, for example, to export roundwood. Who writes, rewrites and approves these Charters? Answer: KSCA. And write a new, modern environmental statutes, it somehow does not want. However, I repeat: everything here is legit. The mosquito nose will not undermine”, – wrote in one of the publications he.

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Monitoring centre of power, to which Igor refers, published in Facebook video logging. “Kiev, Pushcha-Voditsa. Say that clear cutting is now prohibited. They say it’s done “paperednik”. No one is punished. The lungs of the city significantly powerscene,” wrote in the publication

The user also showed a photo of the “holes” of the type of the LPH in the woods Desnyanskiy area, taken from a plane. “It is also a beetle?! And they continue to puff brains of society, they say, “you better get in the woods”. Forestry activities in Kyiv should be prohibited. Forestry “forest of Kiev” is a regurgitation of the scoop. But right now 2018, and not naphthalene 1956, when this antediluvian “LPG” was written statutes that are plain text to allow them to conduct timber harvest on an industrial scale within the capital of Ukraine. The shop should be closed and to switch to modern methods of care for forest Park. And clear cutting that we see in the photo, all barbarism and savagery. I think someone needs to answer for this crime,” he said.

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В Сети показали масштабы вырубки леса в Киеве

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