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The Network has indicated to the misbehavior of Ukrainian tourists in Turkey

В Сети указали на недостойное поведение украинских туристов в ТурцииThe journalist pointed out an important point.

The Ukrainian journalist, who has been on vacation in Turkey, troubled by the fact that tourists from Ukraine do not speak English and require Russian-speaking staff.

About Justin Dobush told on his page on Facebook and shared impressions about the trip.

“In August I tried a week a Turkish all-inclusive to make sure that this vacation is definitely not for me. It’s not as guests, but from what I saw our Ukrainians.. in short, here’s my impressions. Three years is a war with Russia, and in Turkish hotels of Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians are outraged that staff does not know…Russian. Young people are not able to sculpt in English the two words. The generation which was so eager to bezveze obviously expects to go to Europe and everywhere to use my broken Russian? What Lviv has to wince at hearing Russian, and in Turkey purchase trips in the booth with the inscription “Guide Pasha from Russia here?” – wrote Ukrainian.

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Also the journalist compared the aliens in a different hotel and Ukrainians. According to her, people from Europe read the books, and the Ukrainians spend all your money on cocktails.

“When I moved to a normal hotel where people have a rest from Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Turkey, the first thing that caught eye were the book. Stephen king in high the Brits or E. L. James, her daughter – everyone at the pool a little bit, but reading. Who didn’t get anything in the road, can benefit from the shelves of the hotel library, where you can find literature in English, German, Swedish, Turkish and the like. Everyone, not Ukrainian. Two pairs of fellow citizens, rested in our hotel, only read the news feed in social networks”, – she wrote.

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“The reality is that millions of Ukrainians – and every year their number is growing, choose to stay in the artificially created Russian language environment, where even ashamed to remember about the ancient Greeks, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire. They feel more comfortable among noisy clubs with Russian pop, a deception and a lack of style to walk every evening along the beach, like sheep without a shepherd,” concluded Justin.

В Сети указали на недостойное поведение украинских туристов в Турции

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