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The network has found another double Rihanna

Rihanna and Inna Sertal

It seems 23-year-old model Renee Kujur from India, remarkably similar to the 30-year-old singer Rihanna, has become a serious competitor. We are talking about 23-year-old football player Inna Sertal from France, fantastic similarities which pop diva in recent years have increasingly noted by users of the network.

By the way, close relatives and friends began to compare her with the singer since adolescence. One of the first people who noticed this phenomenal similarity, was the uncle of the girl.

It started with 15-16 years. The first one who said that I looked like Rihanna was the uncle — he said it to my mom when I got a haircut

— said the player in an interview to Western publications.

Sertal is recognized that often is ashamed of his similarity with Rihanna and tries not to use it for selfish purposes. Inna pretends to be a star very rarely, for example, in order to get into a club and get a free cocktail.

By the way, similarities with Rihanna Inna brings not only a nice bonus, but and some disadvantages. For example, fans of Rihanna are regularly asked Sertal to do with them self, so it simply has no chance to go out and go unnoticed. Many fans are awaiting the release of the new album, Riri, even write Inna in social networks with requests and pleas for a quick release.

Inna arise from difficulties in communication with men. Often she just doesn’t understand why young people get to know her: because of the purely visual similarity with the star or because you are really interested in her as a girl.

And you could randomly mix up on the street Inna Sertal with Rihanna?

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