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The network got the promo footage of the new “Avengers”

A great event for fans of kinokamera, exit on the big screens of the movie “Avengers: infinity War” is getting closer. The interest is quite high, as evidenced impressive record for views set by first trailer. That’s just since new materials do not appear – most likely, filmmakers from Marvel Studios don’t want the wave of high-profile premieres forgot all about the solo Black Panther, which in turn goes first.

Cool promo art, however, already drawn and waiting in the wings – and a couple of them have already hit the net. In the first we see, apparently, the future movie poster, which in pretentious poses are the main characters with the prefix “super”.

Official new #AvengersInfinityWar promo art features a slew of the main heroes together!
— MCU News & Tweets (@MCU_Tweets) 28 Dec 2017

The second shot, apparently, flowed from domestic branch of Disney is pictures of the calendar with “the Avengers”, the cover of which is emblazoned cherished the subtitle of the new part. And there you can see the art of the future film “ant-Man and Wasp”. Someone from the staff can get sickly slap on the wrist for such a drain! Unless, of course, it was not so intended.

A Russian 2018 Disney calendar offers new official promo art for #AvengersInfinityWar, ANT-MAN AND THE WASP, and #BlackPanther!
— MCU News & Tweets (@MCU_Tweets) 29 December 2017.

The premiere of “infinity War” will be held on may 4, 2018.

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