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The Network got footage of Ruban in captivity “DNR”. Video

В Сеть попали кадры с Рубаном в плену "ДНР". ВидеоThe video shows how a person like Vladimir Ruban, interrogated in a room.

Ukrainian blogger Andrey Dzindzya has posted a video, as acting Director of the Center for the release of prisoners the Officer corps Vladimir Ruban was a prisoner of the NPT.

Recently it became known, the organizer of the meeting, Savchenko with the separatists. They found Vladimir Ruban.

According to the blogger, Ruban captured separatists in may 2014 year, just during the riots in Donetsk. Jinja said that Ruban at the moment was resting in one of the Donetsk cafes.

“Of course, not all so-called opoltsentsy knew that Ruban is the man Medvedchuk, therefore, tied up drunk Ruban, which walked somewhere in the Donetsk tavern! This video is unique, this event somehow were not covered in any of the Ukrainian media resources nor by Ruban”, – the blogger writes.

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The video shows how a person like Vladimir Ruban, interrogated in a room.

“I wanted to ask you a question,” – said Ruban in the frame. In response to the unknown ordered him to lower his head and covered the flap of his jacket.

“If you shut up, Andrew, we have a chance to leave. If you keep quiet… to my balls cut off, I will say that my biggest enemy here in Donetsk, this is my mother-in-law. I am an officer. Three hours we was drinking in a cafe near the railway station, three hours drinking vodka. Yesterday we completed the operation, drank a bottle of vodka, we drank another round,” – said Ruban.

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At the same time, the defense Ministry called the video a fake.

“A vivid example of how they do the fakes… is Taken to be true and blatantly compose a piece of lie… In 2014, when the captivity would end in death, and for many was a miracle to survive in captivity, the only one who jumped into this hell voluntarily, was Vladimir Ruban and, alas, found himself in this hell,” wrote Advisor to the Deputy Minister of defence Vasily Budik.

According budika, the video guys have captured not from the “pub, where the booze”, and when the operation to rescue Nicholas Jakubowicz from captivity.

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