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The network blasted the innovative device from Lenovo. Video

Сеть взорвало инновационное устройство от Lenovo. ВидеоThe original tablet is in danger of becoming the best-selling novel.

Many large companies already not the first year working on the creation of flexible devices. Last year, Lenovo showed a prototype of bendable smartphone and tablet. During the year, the Chinese engineers of the Corporation have worked to make this year at the presentation of the Tech World 2017 to submit a working prototype of bend half tablet computer.

It is running Android and is already able to switch between different modes depending on the state.

The device is codenamed the Folio. In the unfolded state, it is 7.8-inch tablet with a display resolution 1920х1440 pixels. But if it is folded in half, you get a 5.5-inch smartphone. A special mechanism allows you to bend the two halves at any angle.

Now bend the tablet offers some cool features. For example, each half of the screen can be running a separate application. Or you can launch the camera and see yourself on the display, even when shooting on the main module.

Note that Microsoft is also working on a bendable tablet in half. It is not excluded that in the future it will be a new class of devices. Moreover, recently, Lenovo showed the concept of a bendable laptop.

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