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The network blasted the fining of “wild” tourists in Crimea

Сеть взорвало штрафование "диких" отдыхающих в КрымуIn the vast world wide web appeared unprecedented footage of what happened in Crimea.

In a network there were photos of tourists”savages”, which occupied the Crimea fined the installation of tents in the “wrong” place. In addition, their tents were confiscated by the Russian occupiers.

The corresponding photos are published in Twitterпользователь RoksolanaToday&the Crimea.

Tourists in the occupied territory has fined according to the “Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences”. We are talking about article 8.39. “Violation of rules of protection and use of natural resources in especially protected natural territories”.

For the placement of tents in the nature reserves of the Crimea under the law they will have to pay a fine in the amount from 3 to 4 thousand rubles.

Earlier, users of social networks was struck by the photo of the monument to tourists, which is going to set in Russian-occupied Crimea – it is a fat cat, which puzzled standing in front of a Soviet heavy suitcase.

Сеть взорвало штрафование "диких" отдыхающих в Крыму

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