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The neon idols in the Intro of “American gods”

In the network appeared the opening splash of the series “American gods.”

Teleadapt before the premiere of the novel by Neil Gaiman was one month. A couple of days ago we dumped a dozen suitable character posters, and the trailer was not so long ago. And now they merged, and damn, he’s very good: pleasant to the eye and ear.

The movie shows us, as in the dense neon lights elements of worship are mixed with the cult of consumption and technology into something majestic and surreal. Association with the late paintings of Nicolas winding Refnseems to be inevitable. Especially the crucifixion with the astronaut arrived.

Brian fuller, one of the founders of teleadapt “American gods”, even knows a lot about the visual style. His other brainchild, the TV series “Hannibal” in this sense is very revealing. From time to time the style there’s even tampered with the contents. This was particularly evident in the second season. Anyway, I like “Hannibal” and the opening theme there was great too.

Don’t know about you, but I love the cool opening screen in the series, and how great that now more and more attention is paid to this aspect. “True detective” (praise Jesus for what will be the third season) and “Daredevil” — this is a Prime examples of openings that immediately come to my mind. Yet “Jessica Jones” was very nice screensaver, but I think more because of the music.

So, it seems, in “American gods” we are waiting for something spectacular, stylish and, hopefully, clever. Recall the story of the future show:

The series tells about a man named Shadow who is released from prison a few days ahead of schedule. The day before, he learns that his wife Laura died in a car accident. Home Shadow waiting for a mysterious man named Mr. Wednesday, who involves him in a war between the Old gods and the New.

In addition to juicy neon-demonic (driving, welcomeheritage?) the opening keep a couple of short promotional video, which presents the two heroes of the show. It is the Shadow and Mr. Wednesday performed by Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane respectively.

The first season of “American gods” will be released April 30.

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