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The need for the use of personal protective equipment at the enterprises

Необходимость использования средств индивидуальной защиты на предприятияхEffective protection of workers from adverse factors is possible in the implementation of complex organizational and technical measures, as well as the timely and proper provision of means of individual protection, working clothes, working footwear, working gloves and other components of equipment.

Each type of professional activity has its own operational risks. With the development of industrial technology, workers need high-quality multisafe, which would protect human labor from a larger number of damaging factors.

Modern protection technology

Production worker risks lurk at every step and it is important to protect yourself from their damaging effects. As practice shows, the most common injuries that lead to injuries are:

● Mechanical impacts: the impacts of particulate matter, metallic objects;
● Chemical burns from splashes and emission of corrosive liquids, solvents, vapors, aerosols, cement, lime, etc.;
● Thermal: hot liquids, molten material, flame;
● Electrical: electric arc, direct contact with electricity.

The vast majority of cases, effective protection is achieved by ensuring that staff is properly selected personal protective equipment, overalls, work shoes, etc.

One in five injuries at work – injury of the hands. Therefore, it is important to use simple tools – work gloves, mittens, gaiters.
To protect the face, head and eyes invented glasses, visors, construction helmets.

The adverse effects of noise requires the use of headphones, hearing protector ear means to prevent disorders of the body caused by the influence of noise factors.

For respiratory protection from dangerous contaminants, there are a number of technical devices: respirators, gas masks, filter masks and half masks.

Finally, to protect all of the human body from a huge number of environmental hazards, use of protective clothing. High quality work wear will ensure a normal functional status of a person throughout the working day.

The correct choice of PPE

We have considered only a small part of the required PPE. Each production is individual and specific.
The purchase of PPE process is ambiguous and complex. The task supply of workers of the enterprises of high-quality equipment will always be relevant. In this situation, help the consultation of experienced professionals.

The company PROSYSTEM over 24 years engaged in complex supply of PPE to the enterprises of Ukraine and offers its customers a full range of personal protective equipment. If You bet on the quality and stability of – contact for experienced suppliers.

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