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The need for a daily shower refuted by scientists

Необходимость ежедневного душа опровергнута ученымиScientists are urged to be moderate in hygiene.

Daily shower weakens the human immune system and makes the body more vulnerable.

This was reported by experts from the University of Utah in the United States.

Scientists have found that shower with all hygienic use destroys the human immune system.

Too frequent cleaning of the body is recognized as destructive to the microbiome – the clusters of living on the surface of the skin microorganisms that form a kind of ecosystem, strengthen immune system and prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

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A good example of the negative properties of hygiene is the microbiome of people from the tribe Yanomamo that lives in the jungles of South America.

Not burdened hygienic habits, they have a much higher concentration of beneficial microorganisms on the surface of the body than most people.

While experts are not calling for a complete rejection of the soul, encouraging just to be in moderate health.

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