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The NEB refuses to accept the case of the GPU.

НАБУ отказывается принимать дела ГПУ, - ЛуценкоHe noted that it should be regulated.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said that the National anti-corruption Bureau refuses to accept the case of the GPU.

He stated this at the International conference on the criminal procedure code Wednesday, November 22, during a discussion of the problems of the new CPC.

“Now we are not talking about the fact that the GPU refuses to NAB the transfer of any cases. On the contrary – I have accumulated dozens of failures NABOO to take in their production of those or other criminal offense,” – said Lutsenko.

He also noted the existing problem – installed new CPC, the specifics of determining jurisdiction, in particular, between the NABOO and the GPU and other bodies.

“This combination of crimes, the subjects of their Commission, amount of damage, the subject of crime – this has created conditions for constant disputes about jurisdiction,” said he.

According to him, at first it was thought that investigation of NABOO will be the case, the amount of the loss and the aggravating circumstance of an employee of category “A”.

“Later, the NEB has decided that “either… or” principle does not work, will work “and..” and later, even in cases where there is “both… and” they also refuse (to take the case – ed.)”, – Lutsenko told.

He noted that it should be regulated.

“What’s more – obviously, it is necessary to define who must resolve the disputes about jurisdiction and what is the procedure of this decision”, – summed up Lutsenko.

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