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The NBU has summed up the international investment position of Ukraine

В НБУ подвели итог международной инвестиционной позиции УкраиныInternational investment position improved during the year.

The second quarter of 2017 Ukraine ended with a negative net international investment position (IIP) $37,86 billion, or $0,336 billion less in the first quarter. On Thursday, September 28 announced by the national Bank of Ukraine.

According to the NBU, since the beginning of the year, MIP has improved by $0,269 billion and over 12 months – $0,58 billion.

The national Bank said that during April-June this year, external assets increased by $2,926 billion, or 2.83 per cent to $121,035 billion, while liabilities – $2,599 billion, or 1,63%, to $161,83 billion.

YTD assets have increased by $3,413 billion and over 12 months – $1,749 billion Increase of liabilities, respectively, amounted to $3,144 billion and $1,169 billion.

IIP is a statistical statement showing at a point in time, the value of external financial assets of residents of an economy, which essentially are claims on nonresidents or are gold bullion, liabilities of residents to non-residents.

The difference between external financial assets and liabilities determined by a country’s net IIP, or reflecting the net claims or net liabilities of the country in relation to another world.

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