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The national team of Russia on table tennis brought home several medals

Сборная команда России по настольному теннису привезла домой несколько медалей

From 6 to 8 September in Ostrava (Czech Republic) hosted the 14th traditional international tournament on table tennis among athletes with defeat of the locomotor and intellectual disabilities – Czech Open.
The national team of Russia on a course of competitions won 2 gold, 3 silver and 8 bronze medals.
At the end of the personal championship of Russian tennis players became the owners of 2 top awards, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals.
In the personal category Victoria Safonov (Republic of Crimea/ Moscow) in the class SF7 and Angelica Kosachev (Saratov oblast) to the class SF11 became the winners of the competition.
The second step of the podium went Svitlana Nesterenko (Moscow, SF6), Elena Litvinenko (St. Petersburg, SF8) and Anastasia Kostenevich (Saint-Petersburg, SF9).
Bronze winners of the tournament were Alexander Vasiliev (Pskov oblast/St. Petersburg, SF4), Fatma Fattakhova (Saint-Petersburg, SF6), Olga Gorshkalev (Yaroslavl oblast/St. Petersburg, SF9) and Denis Palin (Saratov oblast, SM7).
The team competition brought to our national team for another 4 bronze medals.
Among athletes 6-8 grade winners were Victoria Safonova and Elena Litvinenko.
In the 9-10 class in women on the podium went to Olga Gorshkalev and Anastasia Kostenevich.
In team events athletes with an intellectual disability (class 11) Angelica Kosachev and the representative of the Kurgan region Maria Galkina won the medals of the tournament.
Among the men in the class. TM6 representative of the Republic of Bashkortostan Mars Gabdullin with the representative of the United Kingdom Benedikt müller/Muller Benedikt also climbed the podium.
Russian Paralympic Committee congratulates the national team of Russia on table tennis-sport persons with sci and IN with winning 2 gold, 3 silver and 8 bronze medals at the international tournament Czech Open!
Table tennis was first included in the program of the first summer Paralympics in 1960. The participation of athletes with defeat of the locomotor and intellectual disabilities in two categories, sedentary (1-5 class) and standing (6-10 class). Men and women compete individually, in pairs and in teams. In the programme of Paralympic games includes two types of competition – individual and team. The game consists of five sets each being played to 11 points, the winner is the athlete or pair of athletes who won three of the five parties. At the XVI Paralympic summer games in 2020 in Tokyo (Japan) will be awarded 29 medals in table tennis sports persons with sci and 2 sets among athletes IN.

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