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The national Bank reacted to the arrest of the Director of the Department

Нацбанк отреагировал на арест директора департаментаThe NBU has mentioned some points that, in their opinion, require a thorough investigation.

The Director of the Department of the national Bank Sergei Shatsky, who previously was accused of receiving bribes, were detained at the place of residence at night. The money was found during the search, not the time of transmission.

This was stated by the press service of the NBU in Facebook.

According to her, during the court session on 3 February revealed some important facts. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The arrest took place at the residence during the night and not at the scene of the crime. During these events there was a search, not a detention with a bribe, the immediate fact of obtaining illegal benefit also was not, – said the NBU.

In addition, intermediaries or “associates” in the room during detention. The press service noted that the amount of funds mentioned in the indictment, a much larger sum of money discovered during the search.

– Press service of the NBU appeals to journalists with the request to refrain from premature conclusions, comments, and preconceived judgments concerning the circumstances of the detention of the GPU and the SBU Director of payment systems Department National Bank, – said in the appeal.

The national Bank also noted that the representative of the company, which declares that the registration of the payment system, he paid a bribe, previously represented the company, which the NBU revoked the license. Therefore, they believe that the matter requires greater attention from law enforcement.

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