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The national Bank of Ukraine asking to protect Russian banks

Национальный банк Украины просит защитить российские банки

The national Bank of Ukraine made a statement, which encourages law enforcement agencies to ensure the smooth operation of Russian banks to avoid destabilization of the economic situation in the country.

In particular, reference was made to the group “national body”, which prevents banks with Russian state capital, because of what the Ukrainians are deprived of the opportunity to collect the funds from the accounts of credit institutions.

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According to the head of the national Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva, the actions of the “National body” would harm not only the banking system of the country, but also violate the obligations of Kiev to the International monetary Fund.

Recall that on 29 March, Kiev signed a pledge to ensure the protection and security of offices, banks, international financial institutions, including from Russia.

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However, the position of the “National body” remains unchanged. At the request of the leaders of the movement, they will unlock access to banks in order that the Ukrainians were able to take their money, then start a new stage in the so-called blockade, which will continue until the complete cessation of work of these banks in Ukraine.



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