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The named risks of buying housing on the primary market

Названы риски покупки жилья на первичном рынкеIn the secondary housing market is much more expensive.

The real estate market in Ukraine is experiencing not the best times. Demand for apartments remains relatively low, and the developers say that soon breaks out massive price hike. However, recently we debunked this myth and tell you why the price increase has not yet threatened the real estate market.

Besides, even in Kiev practically stopped the sale of second homes. Stable activity is held only in the rental market of apartments, but to buy housing the Ukrainians do not rush, and do the sellers give a discount do not plan, noting that we are at the bottom.

As we can see, the apartments in the primary market formally much more advantages than living with the history. But, nevertheless, there are threat aspects that should be taken into account.

The fact that the primary is almost always the bare walls. That is, when buying an apartment will have a long time to do repairs, and to listen to the neighbor’s drill, which is not exactly silent several years in a row. So buy an apartment in the building and immediately entering into it is unlikely to succeed, whereas the purchase of housing on the secondary market it is quite possible variant. Despite the fact that it will need to be updated, the minimum set for life will be there.

“Apartments from the developer are transferred to the customers are often in a state of “bare walls”, without repairs, plastering walls and ceilings, wiring, communications and so on that will eventually require additional investment of time and money,” said Konstantin Oleinik, head of Department of strategic consulting company UTG.

Gleb Shemavnev, a press-the Secretary of the Corporation “ukrbud”, adds that one of the obvious shortcomings of the primary can be identified precisely by the fact that the first few years all the apartments will go to repairs, and this noise, and a large amount of debris, and a lot of builders from the repair crews, and increased load on the elevators.

However, the main thing that worries Ukrainians, when buying housing on the primary market is the possibility of deception. Unfortunately, in Ukraine a considerable number of developers with a dubious reputation who are beginning to build houses, but do not hand them in operation. Moreover, the negative influence of unstable economic situation in the country – the devaluation of the hryvnia, the growth rate of currency inflation.

“The purchase of an apartment from the developer is always associated with certain risks receiving unfinished construction object (the likelihood of which is greatly enhanced with each of the scheduled presidential, parliamentary elections and a possible change of the ruling elite, force majeure situations, an abrupt change in the exchange rate and devaluation of the national currency, high inflation, a drop in pay – what in Ukraine happens often enough), non-compliance with the stated terms of commissioning, connection to city communications, the implementation of all obligations regarding the quality of finishing works, including common areas, while buying apartments in the secondary market always involves the registration of the transaction at the notary and registration of property rights,” explains Olejnik.

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