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The named place in Kiev, where it is dangerous to bathe

Названы места в Киеве, где опасно купатьсяOn the Day of Constitution of Ukraine, 28 June, forecasters predict clear weather with temperatures of +32.

Certainly, many residents will want to spend the day being a public holiday, and, accordingly, weekends, outdoors or in the pond.

Meanwhile in gschs call for tourists to swim only on official beaches where lifeguards. Although “wild beaches” are also very popular among the population to bathe them dangerous. And here’s why.

1. The lake in the village Bortnichi. These reservoirs firstly, it is very deep – up to 20 meters, since earlier they mined sand, and secondly, at the bottom of the lakes beat the ice sources.

“Once in the water, people do not have time to even scream because of the sudden drop in temperature it makes strong muscle spasm”, – told the “Observer” rescuers.

2. Lake street zakrevskogo. On the bottom of the pond with a large layer of silt, which is like quicksand can tighten person.

3. A dog’s mouth. This area is popular with residents of the residential area Obolon. But we must remember that the depth in this part of the Dnieper – large and a few meters from the shore you can go under water with the head.

4. The Venice Strait. Danger: strong currents, whirlpools, spanning under the bridge.

5. Lake Dudorovka in Goloseevskom district, street Gen. The main danger of the reservoir – cold springs.

6. The lake birch, DVRZ. Danger: underwater algae, bather can get confused, especially if drunk.

7. Rainbow lake. Danger: cold springs.

Recall that for the residents and guests of the capital to officially open the beaches: Children’s, Venice, Youth, Peredmostna Slobidka, Golden, Central, Palm, Pushcha-Vodytsia, Centoroy. For the safety of tourists watching the rescuers.

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