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The name of the new danger mission to Mars

Названа новая опасность полета на МарсНазвана новая опасность полета на МарсThe amount of radiation in the experiment was equivalent to one month’s stay in the interplanetary space.

Scientists at Georgetown University (USA) concluded that long-term space travel will expose astronauts to increased risk of dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and the development of tumors in the intestines. The reason is the influence of galactic cosmic rays.

As a model system, the researchers used the small intestine of mice that were exposed to low-dose radiation released during the decay of the isotope iron-56. Another group of rodents were irradiated by gamma-quanta, and the third was safe. It turned out that in the first group of rodents increased the likelihood of developing cancerous tumors, and also decreased ability of the digestive tract to absorb nutrients. In addition, radiation in the decay of isotopes provoked the appearance of cells with an aged phenotype (a set of external characteristics).

Modern technologies of shielding have not allowed to fully protect astronauts from exposure to cosmic rays. Although the flight to the moon is not serious, a manned mission to Mars could significantly damage health.

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