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The mystery of the “Bone marrow”. Watch the new teaser

Does what do you know about the name Sergio G. Sanchez? I guess with a probability of 99 out of 100 nothing says. But the name of such films as “the Orphanage” will say a lot. So, Sergio G. Sanchez is the screenwriter of “the Orphanage”, who decided to sit in the Director’s chair and make your Spanish horror with blackjack and national flavor. With the support of producer Juan Antonio Bayona, he began shooting pictures “Marrowbone” (Bone marrow) and looks like the work is coming to an end, as the network already has a teaser poster, and finally date of release – October 27, Spain. Another pleasant surprise was the participation in the project rising stars of horror movies Anya Taylor-joy, where “Bone marrow” listed the title role.

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Is that on the picture, little is known, and the teaser only fuels the interest, while leaving open the main mystery – what is there woke up in an old mansion and terrorizes local residents? Fingers crossed and hope that this autumn the regiment has long risen from its knees of the Spanish horror will arrive to another interesting story and we will have a good reason to go to the movies.

The young man and his younger brothers and sisters hide in the mystery of the death of his beloved mother, to avoid being separated service for supervision over street children. However, in the house where they live, waking up the creature with an evil mind, and now they have to unravel the mystery of the old mansion, until it was too late.

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