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The mysterious network of mazes on Mars

Снимок загадочной сети лабиринтов на МарсеShown scientists the maze is randomly scattered blocks.

Planetary scientists presented the mysterious network of labyrinths, situated on the plain of Utopia in the Northern lowlands of Mars. The image is available on the website of the European space Agency.

Shown scientists the maze is randomly scattered blocks, in cross-section reaching up to 5-20 miles and are separated through trenches up to a width of 2 kilometers.

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The picture presented by scientists, has a resolution of 15 meters per pixel, and made with European station Mars Express orbiting Mars.

Similar landscapes are observed on Land, where they arise as a result of deposition of fine-grained precipitation in the ocean. Probably in ancient times the site of the modern labyrinths were located the bottom of a large body of water, or geological formation was the result of a major flood.

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According to scientists, the main role that the labyrinth took its modern form, belongs to water ice, which, as the frost has spread and thus deformed the surrounding rocks.

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