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The music on guardians of the galaxy

Been awhile since we listened to the soundtracks fit in the Area of Horror, but we have a huge and actively growing in the recent time, the audio section is available. Today broadcast “radio horrorzone”, true, guys are not horror music, as the OST to the fantastic comic-blakester “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” (Guardians of the Galaxy 2).

Although the horrors of this movie all the same is relevant. First, as the first part, this film was made by James Gunn, the Director of “Creep” and screenplay “Experiment Belko”. And secondly, the author of the soundtrack of none other than Tyler Bates – people, on account of which OST’y “Rejected devil,” “dawn of the dead” and “Halloween 2007”.

The continuation of the story of the Guardians of the Galaxy under the leadership of Star Lord. The continued adventures of the team that will solve the mystery of the true origin of Peter quill.
Everything in the collection: Earthling Peter quill (Star-Lord), Drax the silent thunder, the green assassin Gamora, the living tree Groot and talking raccoon. Heroes don’t cheat yourself and punctually keep ending up in an impossible situation disentangle from them with almost no damage (and sometimes even with benefit) to others. This time they will uncover one of the main mysteries in the Galaxy: who is really the father of Peter quill?

The Russian premiere of the blockbuster movie will take place on 4 may 2017.

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