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The murder of the former Director of the Roscosmos: new details

Убийство бывшего директора "Роскосмоса": новые подробностиEvdokimov before the death in jail tried to resist the attackers.

Former Executive Director of the state Corporation “Roscosmos” quality and reliability Volodymyr Yevdokimov, who was found dead in jail cell number 5 in Moscow, before his death, tried to resist the attackers.

This was reported by a source “familiar with the situation”.

“The results of the examination of the body of the deceased based on the detected body changes can be pre-assume that the victim before death tried to resist, but his strength is not enough,” said the source. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

As reported by the TV channel “Rain” member of the Public Supervisory Commission of the Russian Federation of Kogershin Sagiyeva, the body Evdokimova found three stab wounds, not two, as previously reported.

From one of the inmates dancing, she learned that the day of the death “a top Manager wrote letters and filled out the paperwork, and later got nervous and lit a cigarette, which he had with him didn’t happen.”

Another inmate told Tagievoy before bed Evdokimov “ate an Apple and cleaned it, maybe the same knife, which was later found by investigators.”

The inmates claim that the death of Evdokimova has occurred in 2-4 hours and all they supposedly “slept soundly”.

“Here’s the inconsistencies, the fact that usually in jail can’t sleep at night. In jail the night is a time when the “boils” life. Begins to run the so-called road – a rope system to send notes to each other, the transfer of some small things,” questioned Sagiyeva.

“In addition, one of the inmates, the one who found Yevdokimov, said he the corpse was dragged. Why is he carrying the corpse? People sit in jail, people are faced with the law, don’t they know that if something happens, you can not touch to anything around? Why did they do it?” said a member of the PMC.

She also recalled the “scheme” in the Russian prison, “when the camera starts taking a killer who is waiting for my sacrifice.”

“Still he did not sit with thieves and murderers, he sat with people who had the economic section: “contraband”, “drugs”, but no heavy articles, so there was never such thieves next,” – said Sagiyeva.

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