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The MS-21 aircraft was one and a half times more expensive than reusable rockets, Elon musk

Самолет МС-21 оказался в полтора раза дороже многоразовых ракет Илона Маска

The cost of creating a medium-haul aircraft MS-21 since the inclusion of the project in the plan and the innovative restructuring of the economy in 2008 exceeded estimate by 2.3 times. The implementation period increased by three years. And further promote the model and support industries will require from the state, nearly a third of a trillion rubles.

For the project has already spent more than 158 billion rubles, and in the next 8 years will have to spend 279,4 billion. First, the money required to create a system of after-sale service and deployment of serial production.

The total cost of the project will reach 437,4 billion, or $ 6.6 billion.

This is 1.5 times more than Elon Musk has spent on all your space projects. So, according to NASA, development of the Falcon 9 rocket cost 3.9 billion dollars and the creation of its super-heavy version of the Falcon Heavу, according to the Mask, it was worth only $ 500 million.

I must admit that the appreciation wore and objective reasons. Russia had to create its own production of avionics to replace the foreign system integrator of avionics that has become unavailable because of the sanctions, as well as to make adjustments to the cost of other West components, which increased in price due to a jump in the exchange rate. When MC-21 has started, the dollar was worth 23.5 ruble, and by the beginning of November 2018 soared to 65.6 rubles.


But these sanctions can lead to the fact that the project will never pay off. For ten years spent on its creation, on the market there are other manufacturers that easily displace domestic aircraft with potential markets. It is first and foremost about the Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian competitors.

We will remind, in may of this year was the first flight of the second prototype of MS-21-300. When building a new machine, took into account the results of flight tests of the first prototype.

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