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The MP cited shocking figures of the costs of the family of the graduate-student

Нардеп привел шокирующие цифры затрат семьи выпускника-студентаThe costs of the family of the graduate-a student may exceed the annual earnings of the average Ukrainian.

This was stressed by the MP of Ukraine, Chairman of the Zhytomyr regional organization of the Opposition bloc Yuriy Pavlenko, commenting on the current features of the graduations and admissions.

“Last call is not only the certificate and the expectations of graduates, but also new worries in the form of increased cash expenditure for parents. They have long felt that this holiday will cost an average of UAH 10 000. Only clothes, accessories, shoes, hairdresser, cosmetics graduate families with an average income will take 4 to 5 thousand And restaurant, entertainment programme, car rental, photography. Not surprisingly, most families are forced to deny myself that luxury, because there are not only prom, but also preparation for exams, graduates admission to universities, the costs associated with training. And it’s not fun, and the question of the future of the child”, – said Pavlenko.

According to statistics, in Ukraine today, 240 881 graduates decide to continue their education at the University. Nearly 250,000 families should be prepared for the expense, and not just a holiday.

First, the costs faced by parents of graduates, – VNO. The actual external tests de jure procedure is free of charge. However, rural residents have to pay the fare to the town, where the point of the test (40 to 50 UAH). A separate article of expenses – the cost of the road to the location of the University (say, from Zhitomir to Kiev, or from Sochi (city center) to Zhitomir). Such travel need not one. 5 days of cheap living, say, in the Kiev hostel (about 1000 UAH.) the food in the dining room of the local budget (40-50 UAH. per person).

Together account for the “economy package” will be about 5 thousand UAH. excluding travel, public transport and other possible expenses, and it is close to the average wage, for example, in Zhytomyr region.

Before class you need to pay for training for those who have not passed the budget, and that the vast majority of students. While only the majority of universities have already published the “quotations” on the 2017-2018 years, however, even if prices remain the same as last year (which is unlikely), the cost would require large. For example, a year of training in the specialty “Law” in “mogilyanka” in the years 2017-2018 will cost 37 000 UAH. In Kyiv national University. Shevchenko’s first year in 2016-2017 cost from 25 to 44 thousand hryvnia (depending on specialty). For comparison, in the Zhytomyr University. Franco – about 10 thousand UAH. This year with the big share of probability it can be argued that these figures will increase.

The conviction Pavlenko, prohibitive financial cost of applying to universities for children from low-income families, even with benefits for the admission and training (scholarships, etc.) reduce their chances of continuing education after high school. According to the March statistics, the contract form of training in fact may only be available for 20.8% of working Ukrainians, who receive a salary of 8 thousand and above, and in the Zhytomyr region the average salary is almost 1, 5 thousand hryvnia less. Although in comparison with 2013 income of the population nominally grew by one-third, the price level has doubled, and the exchange rate of hryvnia against dollar dropped by 3.3 times. At the same time, the cost of training, for example in the same University increased by half from 30 to 44 thousand hryvnias.

“The average expense for family of Ukrainian graduate/student 2017 may exceed the annual earnings of the average Ukrainian (average salary for the Zhytomyr region in March 2017 5424 amounted to UAH). And this is eloquent testimony to the fact that higher education with each “reform” of power is becoming increasingly inaccessible to the child with a simple Ukrainian family. The country loses its future. And if the situation does not change, the process threatens to become irreversible,” – summed up Yuriy Pavlenko.

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