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“The movie-fun for all”: “Odyssey” about Russian criticism

Adventure film “the Odyssey” – the most expensive French film of the last decade – was released in Russian cinemas on 1 December. This is the story of a man who was absorbed in the study of ocean – Jacques-Yves Cousteau. In the material we have gathered the most striking quotes from reviews of famous Russian critics and the popular media, who have already appreciated the picture.

“The movie-fun for all”: “Odyssey” about Russian criticism

RIA Novosti, Pavel Nuts “”the Odyssey” — the movie-fun for all”Released “Odyssey” — the movie-fun for all who red hat is not synonymous with folklore, and with an underwater romance. French filmmakers have tried to show that their legendary compatriot was not only outstanding, but also a controversial person, to live close to where it was extremely difficult. But it turned out they had the same love and respect to what publicly engaged Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his love around the world and especially in Russia.”
A report about the movie “Odysseus” program of the “film industry” Sergey Sychev: “Cousteau – the symbol of the twentieth century”Is a family story. About what is to be the son of such a man as Cousteau. Son, who spent her childhood in a boarding school who spent many years trying to reach the soul of his father, who tragically died, barely having time to find with it understanding. What it was like to be his wife, who has put his whole life on the line games, which once started Cousteau, and, apparently, lost. What is working with Cousteau, of what to believe Cousteau, what is to be disappointed in Cousteau. This tells the picture, trying to get close enough to one of the most famous people of the twentieth century”.

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Vedomosti, Denis Korsakov: “Underwater photography in the “Odyssey” good”Cousteau, of course, the main character of the Odyssey, however much attention the writers pay to his wife and son Philip, the nearest associate, who intermittently quarreled with his father, then again with him came together and in 1979, died in the crash of a seaplane near the coast of Portugal”.
A report from the world premiere of the film “the Odyssey”

A new newspaper, Larisa Malyukova: “Odyssey is a biopic about captain-legend”, the Camera turns into a submarine, with it, we are immersed in the underwater world and almost touching us, float of a giant turtle, carnivorous Moray eels, stingrays, chameleons, at the cold sun warming themselves leopard seals. Tiered look in dark caves. Look at the blue icebergs, exotic landscapes. To help us — the old camera, sometimes worn film, flashback, survey for the chronicle, which captures not only the underwater beauty, but also the lives of the researchers themselves. Because “the Odyssey” — this biopic about the captain, the legend, and the attempt of stylization of the films of Cousteau”. Boris Ivanov: “it is written and well shot biopic about the famous French traveler and documentarian Jacques-Yves Cousteau”It would be ridiculous to make a movie about the famous explorers in a Studio setting and the authors of “the Odyssey” this error did not commit. They visited many of the places where there was Cousteau, and impressively filmed underwater and surface life sometimes barely studied the edges. Although in the center of the picture is not of the journey and experiences of the characters, “the Odyssey” shows what was all the sacrifices, compromises, betrayal, fake schemes for that incomparable feeling when you see something the first people to share the spectacle with humanity.”
Movie trailer of “the Odyssey”

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Trailer, Oksana Ruzaeva: “”the Odyssey” talks about what humanity has to conquer the world, but to protect”the Picture in a light pleasant manner tells about Cousteau, as a man, speaking about his habits and peculiarities. For example, little red riding hood, which is now invariably associated with it, was selected Cousteau as the distinctive features of his command. The film shows his relationship with his family: he had a wife who accompanied him to a large number of his expeditions, and two sons, to a lesser extent, but is also interested in the underwater world. In addition, “the Odyssey” shows the many voyages that were undertaken by the famous Explorer”.

Clever Russia, Eugene Belasheva: “”the Odyssey”, the first movie in cinema history, the episodes that were filmed in Antarctica”.Such films are sorely lacking: high-quality, thoughtful, but taken for people, when the Director seeks to be understood not at the expense of aesthetics. Special thanks to “Odyssey” because it deals with important topics of ecology and protection of the oceans. Cousteau himself has devoted a considerable part of his life, and the film once again draws our attention to the problem.”
The stars of “the Odyssey” presented the film in Moscow

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