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The mother refused to the zoo rare animals were born. Video

Мать отказалась: в харьковском зоопарке родились редкие животные. ВидеоKids care for strangers.

In Kharkov zoo, which is now under construction, continues to full of life. After the camel family offspring got rare animals – Korsak who had two puppies.

“I wonder what these animals have in the upbringing of offspring, involve both parent – care and produce kids food. But in this case, the behavior of parents was alarmed – they do not show concern and act aggressive towards offspring. So the kids had to identify a separate room to nurse”, – told in the zoo.

Now corticata Leon and Monya (male and female) fully grown, and encouraging employees zoo a good appetite. Their diet includes meat. Cottage cheese and eggs.

In nature, the corsac foxes are common in steppes, semi-deserts and deserts of South-Eastern Europe and Asia. The species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Only in our country, the population of Korsakov employs approximately 20 individuals who live in the East of Ukraine.

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