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The mother of the girl with pink hair: “People don’t understand where is the boundary for the school and n

Мама девочки с розовыми волосами: «Люди не понимают, где заканчиваются границы школы и н

The mother of the girl with pink hair: “People don’t understand where is the boundary of the school and begins a private life”

Students and their parents should be told about their rights, — said the Deputy of the Perm Duma from party “the Apple” Hope of Agisheva. Her daughter, the schoolgirl of the gymnasium № 4 Zinaida Agisheva in September was suspended from school because of his hair, painted in pink. After treatment of Hope in the Prosecutor’s office, the Department of education of Perm recognised the requirements of the school to the appearance of students is illegal. Now, the school and its Director to pay fines of 50 and 30 thousand roubles accordingly, but the problem, as told to us Hope, in need of public discussion.

— How the school reacted to the decision of the Department of education of 24 October on the illegality of the requirements to appearance of pupils?

— We understand that this is a complex process. It is not enough to cancel the normative act or even to announce the cancellation of their claims, because there is a certain established practice of cooperation between students and teachers, and she can’t just cease to exist. The main thing that managed to bring the situation in the public field. Now it is important to convince teachers that they are acting illegally when they make an environment where censured some features of the exterior of the student. The first thing is to inform children and their parents, because these practices are so popular that some parents consider them the norm and not prepared openly to stand up to them.

When Zina was suspended from school, have you spoken with teachers from school?

— It is clear that the removal of Zina is emotions and the problem of the individual teacher. But when I came to school on a conversation after discharge, I was faced with people who don’t understand where is the boundary of the school and begins a private life. The Director, who is not much older than me, tells me what steps I should take in relation to your child, that is for a child to create the illusion that she did something illegal. And well if I tried to persuade and argue to convince — but there were included the manipulation, was proposed to isolate the child as if she is a public danger. But I am grateful to our homeroom teacher Zina and other teachers who are not just supported it, and even apologized to me for what we had to participate in such a situation.

— And this story was the reaction of other parents?

— I talked to other parents, and many are unhappy with that for some teachers the color of the shirt of the student care about more than his performance, and this topic is a priority in conversation with parents. But this is more a practice of separate schools, in which there is such a system of behavior and attitude to children. We Perm there are schools in which forms do not — and that the academic performance of their students does not suffer.

— What do you think, did your status of a member of a big role in that story received a lot of publicity and eventually decided in your favor?

— Of course, my status helped to obtain additional media. But I think it’s not even just this burning issue. After I described the situation on his page in Facebook, wrote to me dozens of people from across the country who are also faced with similar violations in their schools or schools of their children. And they asked me to keep them informed of the situation, to send them all the documents, the decision of the Prosecutor, the court’s decision, the Department of education. Because our sense of justice tells us that something is not very right, but we need the tools to defend their rights and the rights of their children.

— Is it possible to do something to such situations never happened?

— Need to disseminate information to children to give them full information about their rights, explain to them how they can defend them in case of violations. And, of course, to remove the requirements of the regulations and to explain to students that there is no public censure or disciplinary sanctions to them cannot be used. Most parents follow the requirements of the school, dying their kids hair, not wear certain clothes. But if the student that boys should not wear earrings in the ears, and he comes home and his father with a punctured ear — well, if the child just thinks the school is just less progressive than his family; but because of this, can develop complexes.

That decision was rendered in favor of the student, her family was not a surprise. Similar precedent already was in 2015 the Supreme court of the Udmurt Republic issued a ruling on the illegality of the requirements for the appearance of students in the Udmurt MOU “NSOSH”. This decision, according to Agisheva relied and the Perm office.

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