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The most vivid role of the legendary kuravleva. Photo

Самые яркие роли легендарного Куравлева. ФотоFilms with his participation watched all.

Unlucky Athos, the enterprising George Miloslavsky, insidious obersturmbannführer Eismann and amorous, always ready to help everyone Pashka Kolokolnikov of “Lives a guy”. Leonid Kuravlev – the plastic artist of the Soviet Union, which played a more diverse role than any of his partners in the movies. In this review, ten of the brightest, perhaps, the movie image of the actor.

1. “He lives a guy”

Самые яркие роли легендарного Куравлева. Фото

Director Vasily Shukshin, 1964
Pashka Kolokolnikov – ordinary man, like thousands. And work at it ordinary driver. But in a moment of danger, impending death, Pasha behaves like a hero. “Nepotist” Pashka in a trusting attitude towards life, and his happiness in the happiness of others. Balagura and laughing at life, he has time between good jokes to help people.

2. “Viy”

Самые яркие роли легендарного Куравлева. Фото

Director Oleg Stepchenko, 1967
That’s really unlucky Bursak Homa Brutus, were not so lucky. It was he commanded to read in the old Church, a three-day prayer over the body of the deceased beauties ladies. Fun and frivolous, the guy becomes pensive and anxious. Only he knows why he died young mistress. Three nights poor Homa needs, overcoming fear, to bury the dead and to resist the evil force.

3. “The Golden calf”

Самые яркие роли легендарного Куравлева. Фото

directed by Mikhail Schweitzer, 1968
Shura Balaganov is one of the many children of Lieutenant Schmidt. A small-time crook and eternal loser Shura tries to get rich by any means, yet in his life there were three casual acquaintances: the old man Panikovsky, Adam Kozlevich and unsurpassed master of cheating Bender. Now Booths and the company strictly followed the ultimate goal is to take the underground millionaire Koreiko money.

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4. “Love Serafima Frolova”

Самые яркие роли легендарного Куравлева. Фото

directed by Semyon Tumanov, 1968
The film takes place immediately after the war. Soldiers Serafim Frolov goes to an unfamiliar place, where his girl friend Nastya. They are acquainted only by correspondence, but the Seraphim have nowhere to go, and he decided to try his luck here. Nastia at the front, the bride was killed, and she could not admit into his heart the Seraphim. Only at the end of the film, Anastasia realizes that endlessly falls in love with a good, but a little “unlucky” guy.

5. “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”

Самые яркие роли легендарного Куравлева. Фото

Director Leonid Gaidai, 1973
“Nepotist” Georges miloslavskogo is that it is a day never worked. His calling – fraud, theft and an easy life. When he again commits a robbery of the apartment provided the dentist Shpak, is incredible: the neighbor Shpak – Shura with fantastic inventions unwittingly sends Miloslavsky and another neighbor, nerdy, Ivan, in the past, in the era of Ivan the terrible.

6. “Afonya”

Самые яркие роли легендарного Куравлева. Фото

Director Georgiy Daneliya, 1975
Plumber-Athanasius BORSHCHOV is wild, disordered life – earned money is easily spent on pleasure and alcohol. PAL Fedulov, unkempt bachelor apartment and nervous mistress Tamara – that’s all that has Athos. The guy’s life is slowly changing once at the dance he meets a beautiful girl Katya; he learns that the woman he is in love, married, and begins to understand bessmyslennoe your life.

7. “Can’t be!”

Самые яркие роли легендарного Куравлева. Фото

Director Leonid Gaidai, 1975
Another “useless” character, Leonid Kuravlev – Volodya Savitsky from the “Wedding scene”. Arriving at your own wedding, Volodya has no way of knowing the running guests his bride. Prior to this, Zawitoski’ve only seen her in a coat and hat. The hero gets into various funny situations, funny and absurd at the same time. In the final Volodya will marry, but the next day divorced.

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8. “Live in joy”

Самые яркие роли легендарного Куравлева. Фото

Director Leonid Millionshchikov, 1978
Mityaya Pryatkina, laughing, called in the village “Kulibin”. Paikin day and night constantly invent something, knocking, seeking. Wife Ulyana tired of this life, and she’s leaving her husband. Chairman of the kolkhoz trusts Brajcino a large sum of money and sends to the city to buy equipment for the construction of a rustic bridge. “Unlucky” Praznina bitch crooks, but at the end of the film justice is restored, and Juliana begins to realize that her husband-that she is wonderful!

9. “Vanity of vanities”

Самые яркие роли легендарного Куравлева. Фото

Director Alla Surikov, 1979
In the film, observed a familiar situation: a middle-aged husband goes from middle-aged wives for a younger person. After some time, the husband realizes that he is happy, he can only be in the old relationship. Abandoned wife Marina Petrovna meets a young man Volodya, cheerful, witty, sociable. He is making her drab noise, noise, courage and some children’s “nepotist”. The role of Volodya, brilliantly played by Leonid Kuravlyov.

10. “Ladies invite gentlemen”

Самые яркие роли легендарного Куравлева. Фото

Director Ivan Kiasashvili, 1980
Sasha Svintsov – not very young, but a lone engineer, so “unlucky”.
On vacation in Sochi, he meets a woman over thirty – Anna Pozdnyakova. San Anna liked it, and he does his best to interest her as a man. In many ways the lead goes too far, she runs away from him. Sanya can not forget the woman and travels to her city with the hope of a new meeting.

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